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Making Maru Sushi

Laura found an Airbnb experience for our last night in Japan. Naomi was travelled out, so the three of us headed across Osaka to a quiet residential neighborhood, Shijoji, where we were met by our hosts for the evening, Matt and Akiko.

We were quickly schooled in making tempura batter for the lotus root, mushroom, carrot, and onion veggies. This was followed by slicing the tuna, salmon, and porgy for the sushi. We prepped the rice vinegar to bind the rice to the right level of stickiness for sushi, and then proceeded to use plastic wrap as our tool for making Maru Sushi (circle sushi) which is usually done for child's days - holidays celebrating children.

The result was fairly impressive visually.

And the entire dinner was quite a feast - the largest meal we had in Japan.

But that wasn't the end. We were ushered of two tatami rooms in the house to make Macha tea in the traditional style, complete with beautiful bowls, a wooden whisk and several steps of pausing to appreciate the process.

It was a great night, with interesting conversation, actual cooking class, and a terrific meal.

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