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Tokyo - September 5, 2019

What a day! Note to self, never try to sell a car, rent a house, quit your job, and leave for a year long trip at the same time! Though I had taken photos of it immediately prior to final packing, the title for the Tesla was not found. This meant balancing the desire of my buyer to get the car today against the difficulty of dealing with getting a replacent title. Just getting myself to the Google office was incredibly challenging, starting with the inscrutable ticketing system on Japan rail and the subway (different systems), a pesky Japan Taxi app which kept ringing my phone when I could never actually pick up the call, and a Cheshire cat Google office which seemed to be immediately nearby but never quite here. This was followed by finding a US notary in Japan (I ended using an online service with a notary from Virginia!), paying an exorbitant fee to overnight critical car docs to the buyer, and spending far too much time relearning how to get back to the Google office, again.

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