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About Us


John is a fifty-something tech guy, who has dabbled in lots of different life paths.  He was born in the US to British parents, then grew up in Toronto, Canada, as an American.  As a tri-national, he never felt totally comfortable anywhere.  John hopes to find perspective, connection, and renewal through this trip.

Dad and Husband



Laura is a consummate organizer who has dedicated her professional life to helping families and children.  Laura is also well-traveled, and had planned to spend much of her life travelling, adventuring, and definitely not getting married and having children before she met John.

Mom and Wife



Naomi is a talented, budding film-maker who has just finished her first year of college.  She has decided to pursue a four year degree majoring in film, and so is taking a gap year to travel before diving in on her next pursuit.

Daughter and Sister



Keegan is a charismatic, fun, talented, high school senior, who is passionate about volleyball, and who is a torn about missing his senior year of high school, but excited about the trip of a lifetime, and open to whatever adventures might be forthcoming.

Son and Brother


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