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Birthday Bowling in Osaka

Keegan turned 17 while we were in Osaka. Indeed, we came a day early to Osaka so that we could spend the day doing his choice of activities.

We settled into our Airbnb apartment near the Noppombashi station, easy walking distance to Dotonburi, a massive shopping / eating / partying area centered around a canal. This place is famous for octopus balls, which we declined to try.

Our original plan for Keegan's birthday was to go to Universal Studios, but between the soaring humidity and temperature, and the warnings of long lines, we opted for go-karting instead.

That plan was also scuttled when we started getting intermittent rain. Luckily, there was the Round One Arcade, which features multiple floors of dazzling automated devices, and many activities including bowling.

Bowling was followed by more arcade time (which Laura and Naomi opted out of), and we were joined by Mateo. The three "boys" spent a couple of hours racing on virtual streets and trying to decipher Japanese instructions to end up on the same track together.

Since the weather cleared up, on the 12th we ventured to the go kart place, situated on a sports island across Osaka Bay.

Though Laura and I enjoyed our 5 laps, we left Keegan and Mateo to race each other on their own for an additional five.

The birthday boy claimed to be well satisfied with city pleasures, and ready to face the less futuristic travel to Vietnam on the 13th.

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