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Magical Hoi An

Hoi An, just 45 minutes south, of Da Nang feels much further away. Hoi An is a preserved UNESCO city. It is a few miles inland from the coast on the Bon River. Hoi An’s residents are known for their tailoring talents, custom clothes shops are ubiquitous. The prices of a tailored shirt or dress were less than the price of one off the shelf at home, so we all treated ourselves.

Picture actually taken a few days later in Cambodia.

At night Hoi An is truly magical with it’s lantern filled streets and boats that line the river.

Bruce and Simone

We had a couple lovely evenings; we met up with our Aussie/Kiwi friends again. We had a great dinner together at Miss Lien Thao's casual restaurant sitting on plastic stools and drinking beer and gin and tonics.

Through AirBnB Experiences we did an evening food tour Hidden Gems of Old Hoi An with our energetic and friendly host Harry. We learned about the local specialty noodle production of Cao Lao, how bean sprouts are grown, discovered the back street alleyways, new foods and met the oldest couple in Hoi An (96 & 104 years old). Naomi wasn't feeling well so did not join us :(

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