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Shiny Da Nang

We made it out of the Miami Beach of Vietnam, Da Nang, with it’s miles of beaches and skyscrapers. Beachside Da Nang caters to tourists, it seems mostly Korean and Chinese. We saw many beachside wedding photo shoots, amongst the fishermen and their round boats pulling in nets. Da Nang is an interesting dichotomy between traditional and modern life.

There was a Las Vegas flare to Da Nang; modern hotel sky scrapers with flashing colorful strobe lights. Loud Karaoke singing on a huge screen and stage by the beach. There was also the dragon bridge which spits fire on Saturday nights. We had dinner at a rooftop bar so we could get a great view. It was a memorable dinner more for the annoying lounge singer who was so loud we all had to use sign language in order to have a conversation. The dragon spitting fire bridge was cool.

We did go to the Da Nang museum where there were pretty graphic images and stories of the Vietnam war and the effects of Agent Orange. There we also saw a picture of the Da Nang beach in 2008...WOW how the skyline has changed!

John and I did a bike ride to the huge female Buddha statue and the temple near our hotel. It was an arduous ride on rusted creaky bikes among motorcycles and busses. However the beauty of the statues made it worth the ride.

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